Additional services

You can hire one or more of our Additional Services to optimize your results.

Segmented Bases

Get to know your target audience and create more relevant and assertive marketing actions.


Receive data about your customer’s behavior

Map your market and find new opportunities

Know who and where are your customers (geomarketing)

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Sponsored Navigation

Free your customers from internet consumption and increase engagement and conversions on your website or app


Real-time traffic monitoring

Accurate and transparent metrics

Set the audience and the amount of internet you want to sponsor

Let your audience know about the free navigation offer


Carrier Finder

More accurate campaigns and optimized costs. Clear, validate, and know details for each number in your contact base.


Regular check ups via API

Assign each of your customers carrier in your database

Find out which numbers are inactive and delete them from your base

Check in real time if your customers have changed their initial carrier

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