A complete platform to communicate with your customers

Communicate effectively using multiple channels and track your results in a practical way.

Multi-channel platform

Use one or more channels to communicate


Keep your clients informed with text messages, at anytime, anywhere.


Your brand monetizing and engaging users through bots on Facebook Messenger.


Interactive Android messaging to use with your customers. Share pictures, maps, calendar and more.


A maneira mais fácil de configurar campanhas de email e ainda monitorar as interações da sua base.


Have a more personal contact with your clients through automated calls.

Additional Services

Optimize your results using our additional services.

Benefits of being a ChatClub customer

Besides the simplified integration with your platform and support 24x7, you will also have a dashboard to control your sendings, campaings and more.

We know it is difficult to manage multiple providers, so with ChatClub you have all the channels in one place.

Track your campaign performance and access data that helps you during your decision making.

You work independently without the need of any additional software.


SMS → E-mail → Voz →
Ilustração de SMS


Ideal for short texts. Your message arrives to any person that have a mobile (that is, practically everyone)

Ilustração de Email


Your message with the visual of your brand. Know how many people opened the emails and how did they interact with your message.

Ilustração de Voz


Give more personality to your message, transforming it in audio. Know who answered and how much time did the calls lasted.

SMS Exemple

Practicality to the developers. See an exemple:

curl -X POST \ \ -H 'authenticationtoken: <authenticationtoken>' \ -H 'username: <username>' \ -H 'content-type': "application/json' \ -d '{"destination": "5511984541027" , "messageText": "linha\nquebrada"}'

As answer, you will recive a JSON informing the ID that was generated to this message (Response or synchronous response from Movile)

[ { "id":"9cb87d36-79af-11e5-89f3-1b0591cdf807" } ]
curl --request POST\ --header 'authenticationtoken: <authenticationtoken>' \ --header 'content-type: application/json' \ --header 'username: <username>' \ --data '{ "fromEmail": "", "fromName": "Notifications", "replyTo": "", "subject": "Marketing e-mail", "campaignAlias": "MyCampaign", "recipients": [{ "correlationId": "1234", "emailAddress": "", "emailName": "Recipient-1", "extraInfo": "Extra e-mail info1", "substitutionData": { "name": "Recipient-1" } }, { "correlationId": "567", "emailAddress": "", "emailName": "Recipient-2", "extraInfo": "Extra e-mail info2" { ], "emailHtml": " Hi, {{name}}, this is the email HTML body ", "emailText": "Email text body", "substitutionData": { "name": "Recipient-1" }, "attachments": [{ "data": "Q29uZ3JhdHVsYX2FuIGJhc2U2NCBkZWNvZGUh", "name": "billing.pdf", "type": "application/pdf" }] }'

Voice call in JSON structure (text to audio)

{ "audioUrl": "string", "destinations": ["destination_block"], "campaignAlias": "string", }

Voice calls in JSON structure (with audio from URL)

{ "ttsMessage": "string", "destinations": ["destination_block"], "campaignAlias": "string", }

Voice call in JSON structure (with file's audio)

{ "audioFile": "string", "destinations": ["destination_block"], "campaignAlias": "string", }


We know it is difficult to manage multiple providers, so with ChatClub you have all the channels in one place.


Communicate effectively using multiple channels and track your results in a practical way.


You work independently without the need of any additional software

SMS → Email → Voice →

Some of our customers

Logo Caixa Logo Itaú Logo Google Logo iFood Logo Vox Age
Sotran Logo
SMS is a great way to send information to our partners and has brought great results to the company. Before this tool the process was manual, it involved more people and cost 40% more. We are pleased with the service and ChatClub’s platform.

Lorenz B., IT Manager, Sotran

Swiss Park Logo
The tool provided great experiences: the practical and simple interface allows to send shots in a quick way, saving time in our day-a-day. Attendance and support are other differentials, the prompt service to solve any doubts and problems, make the service excellent.

Rafael B., Marketing Coordinator, Swiss Park

UFC Logo
Bot is one of the coolest surprises I've seen on social networks in recent times. The ease of operation and tool conversion are impressive. The results presented to the UFC in such a short period of use are surprising. We have started using in Brazil and now have expanded globally.

Rafael C., Digital Director, UFC Latam

LS Music Logo
Bot’s today are one of our main channels to communicate with the public. It brings in good results to the artist. ChatClub is a great platform and they are always available to answer any questions or suggest ideas. They are part of our outreach strategies with any new product we have.

Juliana T., Digital Marketing, Luan Santana Music

Bots are a great way of generate engagement with our public and have been bringing amazing results to the brand. We're very satisfied with the attending and the ChatClub platform.

Paulo N., Communication Assistant of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista

Alto Astral Logo
We are very pleased with the feedback that ChatClub has given us (and still gives us). It's a great way to generate engagement, and editorially, leads us to producing new content based on what has already been released, bringing a better conversion rate to our website. In addition, the Chatclub team is always willing to help us, responding promptly and helping us with updates and what the platform offers best.

Maraísa Bueno - Social Media - Editora Alto Astral

Colombo Logo
We started the project with ChatClub as a test to evaluate our customer base. The results were excellent, which consolidated a whole new relationship strategy within the company. They always serve us differently and are ready for all the challenges of Retail, that are not simple!

Luís F., Marketing and CRM, Lojas Colombo

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